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Here is a copy of our most recent newsletter as of January 2016. Click the link to view as a .pdf file. NEWSLETTER

The next meeting will be October 22nd, 6:30 pm at the South Broken Arrow Library

Please review the Rules page as it has been updated as of January 1 2017.

The work on the exterior of the buildings have finally been completed. This is an investment on our properties that has been well spent. If you haven't been able to walk around and look, have a look at the improvement page from the link below. The buildings and lawn work looks  great!

The Buttons:
When communicating with the board, be sure to use the appropriate email buttons on the upper left of the page.

"The Board"
Use this button to submit a repair/maintenance request. Please provide a contact name and phone number in case our contractor needs to make an appointment with you. This button may also be used to submit a question or comment to the board. (email)

"Grounds" Use this button to submit a comment/request regarding the lawn, shrubs and trees. (email)

"Dues" Use this button to submit questions specifically about the dues and general financial issues. (email)

"The Rules" Use this page to access the rules of the Commons. There is also a printable PDF.

"By-Laws" This page lists the by-laws for the Commons.

"Declaration of Covenants" In short, this page clarifies your rights and who is responsible for what.

"Trash Pick-up" This page has information about trash pick-up and a link to the City of Broken Arrow trash service.
Pay particular attention to the dates for setting out trash. Remember Monday holidays mean no trash pickup on Tuesday.  It will resume on the following day.

"The mailing list" Periodically, the board may send announcements of  concern to the residences and property owners. If you would like to be on the email list simply use the buttons above to join the email list or opt-out of the list. Your email will not be given, sold or in anyway transferred to any outside party.  

"Printable PDF Files" This page has all the PDF documents in the website for your reading and printing convenience.

"Newsletter Archive" This page holds the previous newsletters.